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With integrity, a calm demeanor, and a listening ear, we help individuals and teams reach their full potential and create positive experiences for those they lead and influence.

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Becky Estby

Estby is a 30-year business leader and human resources professional with a passion for helping individuals grow confidence and achieve their full potential. With an extensive professional background helping companies develop and invest in their employees, Estby’s coaching services embody a people-focused approach that profoundly influences individual growth and collective success.

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Impacting lives, transforming business.

At Next Monday, we understand that organizations often overlook their greatest opportunity for growth – their people. We believe in addressing the root causes that hold individuals and teams back, unlocking their true potential and propelling them towards success.

We are more than personal and professional development specialists – we are your partners in growth dedicated to providing you or your team with the tools, strategies, and resources that will empower you to overcome obstacles, break through barriers, and achieve meaningful success.


Are you navigating through a maze of uncertainty? Feeling trapped, lacking inspiration, or overwhelmed by fear? Whether you’re an entrepreneur charting your course, an ambitious professional, or an individual in pursuit of purpose, Next Monday coaching and consulting can guide you forward.

Collaboratively, we’ll unveil your strengths and passions, enabling you to confront life’s obstacles with confidence and purpose. Let us help you reach your full potential.


Are you tired of constantly putting out fires and spending more time on people issues than strategy? Is your organization plagued by silos that hinder collaboration and productivity? Is high turnover draining your resources?

If so, imagine a future where you experience higher profitability, increased productivity, and engaged employees. Let us help you take control of your success.

Explore which coaching option is right for you


Our one-on-one coaching and peer groups foster personal growth through customized programs, nurturing self-awareness, skill enhancement, and mindset shifts, guiding clients toward professional success and realizing their fullest potential.


 We facilitate team cohesion and productivity through team assessments, strategic consulting, tailored workshops, and leadership coaching, fostering a culture of trust, innovation, and collective achievement within organizations.


Our comprehensive HR solutions optimize organizational effectiveness through strategic talent management, performance evaluation systems, employee development programs, and HR policy alignment, ensuring sustainable growth and employee satisfaction.


Experience our Women's Summit, featuring inspiring speakers, networking, and engaging exercises. Or, partake in our lunchtime learning sessions, fostering growth for individuals or teams, providing valuable insights and skills enhancement opportunities for all participants.

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