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Adris Brown

Mortgage Broker, Lendsmart Mortgage
Owner, Brown Notary Signing Services 

Speaker Bio:

Adris is a proud native, of the island paradise, Jamaica, technically a dual citizen of Jamaica and the United States but feels more like a global citizen. Her deepest passion is exploring the world and its many cultures. Adris was an entrepreneur at heart and began her business ventures in college, starting her first company Wijammin International, a Music Promotions to share her Jamaican Culture, Food and Music. She began her formal career in Financial Services and has been a licensed mortgage and investment broker for over 20 years. She has ventured into other businesses, launching Via Adris Lifestyles, an event planning and entertainment firm, Brown Notary and Signing Services and most recently she is working on the development of Striving Gracefully, a lifestyle development company. When her travels brought her to Africa over 10 years ago, she became a partner in a Development Management firm. She serves as the Managing Director of Chris Michaels Limited, developing major infrastructure such as shopping malls hotels and business complexes. She specializes in Investment Sourcing, Global Outsourcing, Risk Management, Business, Finance and Project Management. Adris has a proven record in startups, evaluating existing business and improving organizational performance through skillful restructuring, and building client relationships.

Adris graduated from Hamline University in 2001 with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Environmental Science.  She received a master’s degree in Economics and Public and Nonprofit Institutions from St. Cloud State University and is currently ABD (all but dissertation) for a Doctorate in Higher Education.

She is a mother of 3 children, Joshua Taylor, Johnathon Taylor and Adriana Jade, she spends time learning the nuances of motherhood, home making, organizing, fashion and business operations daily. She enjoys traveling, cooking and eating, gardening, reading and writing.

Session Description:

Striving Gracefully

I believe we would all agree that one of the challenges we face as women is the life balancing act of being mother, spouse, child, sibling, career or business woman, caretaker, friend teacher, et cetera; the list is long.  Most of our lives is series of ecstatic highs and soul crushing lows, that has been my experience at least.  Sometimes the outcomes are based on our own actions or are circumstantial. Regardless, as the tide of living ebbs and flows, we have to adapt and learn to navigate the moments.  How do we maintain the balance and live our best life without sacrificing all ourselves in the process?  

I hope my journey of exploring and encountering various challenges, successes, and failures serve as an inspiration to you to strive gracefully while embracing your feminine energy and that you learn how to upgrade your life and in turn uplift others along the way.