Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism. Though I can’t see you right now, I have a hunch that most of you have your hands up, either literally or figuratively in your heart where no one else can see you. 

Perfection is so elusive, yet so tempting, especially for all you creative, high-achievers out there. It’s a vain and futile attempt to attain the unattainable. So how do we free ourselves from our own pain and judgement yet still seek the best version of ourselves? 


When we surrender to the moment, to change, to messiness or imperfection, we allow the seeds of excellence to grow. 

Excellence is that drive toward raising ourselves up to our own highest good thereby allowing our unique gifts, talents, and personalities to benefit the highest good of all.

Excellence, unlike perfectionism, is about lovingly pushing ourselves to act, think, relate, and create from the highest part of ourselves.

Perfectionism is about trying to control the outcome in order to receive love and acceptance. It’s all about fear. 

Surrendering is about accepting where we are at any moment, knowing that we are a work in progress.

Affirmations can help reduce perfectionism and increase self-acceptance and self-compassion. So, I’ve put together a list for you to put on repeat:


  1. My worth isn’t based on my achievements. 
  2. Mistakes are growth opportunities. 
  3. Flaws are not inadequacies.
  4. I will give myself grace when I make a mistake. 
  5. My health is more important than my performance or accomplishments. 
  6. I value learning more than being right.  
  7. I’m more than my appearance (or grades, or salary, or any external marker of success.)
  8. I’m doing my best and that’s all I can ask of myself. 
  9. I don’t have to be perfect for people to like, accept, or love me. 
  10. Asking for help reflects strength and courage. 
  11. It’s healthy to relax and have fun.
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