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Betts Theriot

Chief Culture Officer & Vice President of HR, McIlhenny Company

Speaker Bio:

Betts Theriot is the Chief Culture Officer at McIlhenny Company overseeing the company’s people resources and corporate policies. She also oversees the development of the internal culture defining and promoting the family-owned company’s commitment to community and collaboration.

With twenty-five years at McIlhenny Company, Betts is deeply embedded in not only the business, but also the day-to-day life on Avery Island. She brings years of experience in a cross-functional role as senior brand manager for the international sales and marketing team. She has been instrumental in championing the brand around the world managing the complex sales and marketing eco-systems at the market level, managing relationships with distributors in 195 countries & territories and finding ways to assemble collaborative structures in highly competitive sales environments.

Betts has an extensive communications background as a graduate of the University of Mississippi and later the University of Southern Mississippi with a Master of Science in Public Relations.

Betts is an avid and active member of the Louisiana and New Iberia community who brings an infectious spirit of positivity to every situation. A committed athlete, she’s up before the sun for runs, to work out or just to get ahead of her day over a coffee. Whether it’s prepared by a globally famous chef or a favorite local hole-in-the-wall, she loves to know the stories behind the foods she’s eating and firmly believes that everything pairs well with bubbly! She lives in New Iberia, Louisiana with her husband and son.