Brave Coaching Circle

Support. Challenge. Flourish.

Every month I come to the meeting needing and wanting a safe place to retreat, to be refreshed and to learn.  I leave filled up, supported, feeling encouraged and ready to tackle whatever comes next!

BCC Member

Move Forward Faster with the Support and
Encouragement of Like-Minded Professionals

Imagine a place where vulnerability is celebrated, where your thoughts and ideas are not just heard but valued. A nurturing space where your ambitions flourish and your leadership skills grow.

Brave Coaching Circles are a space where ambitious women, especially middle managers, and emerging leaders, come together to nurture their skills, exchange valuable insights, and offer each other unwavering support. In a small group setting that provides a safe, trusting environment, your ideas are embraced, your potential is realized, and transform your aspirations into achievements.

Gain support, encouragement, mentorship and more.

How it works:

A Brave Coaching Circle (BCC) is a coaching group of women representing mid-level management or those new to roles involving leadership. Each Brave Coaching Circle is limited to eight members that meet monthly for two hours at rotating locations. Think of a BCC as a group of advisors and confidantes who prepare you for greatness, and in turn, you do the same for them. It’s about learning, sharing and growing. It’s a brave and beautiful tribe.

Brave Coaching Circles include:

  • Professional Meeting Facilitation Monthly
  • Member Emphasis Time-Twice yearly
  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Monthly inspiration, support and encouragement 
  • Practical learning around leadership
  • Powerful lifelong connections

Ever feel like you're caught between your aspirations and the daily chaos of work and life?

We get it. Time slips away amidst meetings, projects, and personal commitments, leaving you wondering how to juggle it all. Every day feels like a new puzzle, figuring out how to communicate, make the right decisions, and keep your team on track. And let’s not forget the challenge of finding balance between your career goals and personal life. So while it’s easy to find yourself at a crossroads, juggling team dynamics, tough decisions, and personal growth; BCCs provide a supportive space where you don’t have to face it alone.

Explore if a Brave Coaching Circle is right for you by signing up for a free, half-hour time slot at a time that works best for you.

More Options

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