Brave Coaching Circle

Support. Challenge. Flourish.

Every month I come to the meeting needing and wanting a safe place to retreat, to be refreshed and to learn.  I leave filled up, supported, feeling encouraged and ready to tackle whatever comes next!

BCC Member

Brave Coaching Circle

Learning and growth as a result of the safe and trusting space that provides retreat, support and encouragement in a small group setting.

Bravery: courageous behavior or character.

Bravery is showing up. Bravery is saying what you believe in. Out loud. To the people who need to hear it. Even if that person is you. It’s having honest communication with yourself, your teams, your communities. Bravery is saying no when you know you need to. It’s saying no to the wrong things, so that you can say yes to the right things. 

But bravery doesn’t always feel like bravery. It can be overwhelming, scary and lonely. That’s why Next Monday brings women together that are seeking structured personal growth and want to improve their leadership skills. Women that want to be empowered and empower others.

How it works:

A Brave Coaching Circle (BCC) is a coaching group of women representing mid-level management or those new to roles involving leadership. Each Brave Coaching Circle is limited to eight members that meet monthly for two hours at rotating locations. Think of a BCC as a group of advisors and confidantes who prepare you for greatness, and in turn, you do the same for them. It’s about learning, sharing and growing. It’s a brave and beautiful tribe.

Brave Coaching Circles include:

  • Professional Meeting Facilitation Monthly
  • Member Emphasis Time-Twice yearly
  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Monthly inspiration, support and encouragement 
  • Practical learning around leadership
  • Powerful lifelong connections

More Options

If Brave Coaching Circle isn’t the right fit for you, check out Next Monday’s other coaching services.