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What is College Success Coaching?

College Success Coaching is a transformative approach where students and coaches work together to excel academically and personally. Through individual assessment, goal setting, life skill development, and ongoing support, our success coaches help students develop effective solutions to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. From making friends and managing stress to mastering study skills and time management, our coaches provide the guidance and support your student needs to flourish in college.

    Why Hire a College Success Coach?

    Investing in a college success coach can make a significant difference in your student’s education and future success. Our independent coaches offer personalized attention and guidance, ensuring your student receives the support they need to excel academically and grow personally. By working with a trusted adult who understands the challenges of college life, your student gains a valuable resource outside of the parent-child dynamic, enabling them to navigate the transition to adulthood with confidence.

      Coaching Benefits


      NONJUDGMENTAL SUPPORT: Our coaches offer a safe space for students to express challenges and receive unbiased guidance to navigate obstacles confidently.

      PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: We understand each student’s uniqueness, creating customized plans to maximize their potential based on their strengths, goals, and needs.

      ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Our program cultivates confidence and lifelong abilities in your student, including effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making.

      BUILD CONFIDENCE: By providing guidance, feedback, and encouragement, our coaches help students find their voice and overcome self-limiting beliefs. 

      SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Our coaches assist students in developing a sense of belonging, making friends, and building a supportive network on campus.

      HOLISTIC APPROACH: We provide comprehensive assistance, addressing mental health, well-being, and personal growth, recognizing that success extends beyond academics.

      FUTURE PREPARATION: Our coaching equips students with crucial skills and habits employers are looking for such as time management, goal setting, and resilience, ensuring success not only in college but in their future endeavors. 

      PARENTAL PEACE OF MIND: Our knowledgeable coaches provide tailored guidance to address your student’s specific challenges, ensuring they thrive giving parents peace of mind.

      Discover the benefits of hiring a college success coach for your child’s transition into adulthood. Jen Sell Matzke, a dedicated expert with 27 years of experience in higher education, offers invaluable guidance and support. Ensure peace of mind as your student receives personalized coaching, overcomes barriers, and develops crucial skills.

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        Jen Sell Matzke, a dedicated college success coach with 27 years of experience in higher education, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. She has served in various roles within prestigious universities and has achieved notable milestones, such as leading the development of the St. Cloud State University Recovery Community and receiving awards for her work in student affairs and prevention programs. Specializing in college transitions, supporting first-generation students, and more, Jennifer helps students identify their strengths and purpose.


        Are you familiar with the challenge of coaching or teaching your own child?
        It can be frustrating when you repeat something countless times, yet it doesn’t seem to resonate. Interestingly, when someone else imparts the same information just once, it sticks with them indefinitely. This is where the expertise of a college success coach comes in. By hiring a trusted adult who isn’t you, you can find peace of mind, knowing that your student has a dedicated guide to navigate these crucial years of transitioning into adulthood.


        College Success Coaching is offered online and in-person. 


        3 MONTHS | $525

        • Three, One-Hour Coaching Sessions
        • Access to direct email support for three months. 

        $175/coaching hour (3 hours)


          6 MONTHS | $1,145

          • Six, One-Hour Coaching Sessions
          • Three, 45-Minute Group Coaching Sessions
          • Gallup Strength Assessment (Full 34 Themes)
          • Access to direct email support for six months.

          $156/coaching hour (7.35 hours)


          9 MONTHS | $1,710

          • Nine, One-Hour Coaching Sessions
          • Three, 45-Minute Group Coaching Sessions
          • Gallup Strength Assessment (Full 34 Themes)
          • Three, One-Hour Accountability Calls
          • Access to direct email and text support for nine months.

          $128/coaching hour (13.35 hours)


          12 MONTHS | $1,835

          • Nine, One-Hour Coaching Sessions
          • Three, 45-Minute Group Coaching Sessions
          • Gallup Strength Assessment (Full 34 Themes)
          • Three, One-Hour Accountability Calls
          • Framed Art Showcasing your Personal Values and Core Themes
          • Annual 1-Hour Call to Set Goals
          • Access to direct email and text support for twelve months.

          $127/coaching hour (14.35 hours)

          Ready to Start the Journey?

          Contact Next Monday today to learn more about our Collegiate Coaching Paths to Confidence. We offer various coaching packages tailored to meet your student’s unique needs and goals. Let us be your partner in ensuring your student’s success and well-being throughout their college experience.