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I had a beyond words wonderful experience with Becky. Let’s try something like this:
It is hard to describe the transformative executive coaching experience I had with Becky. In less than a year, Becky helped me grow and truly transform personally and professionally in ways I wasn’t expecting and still apply today. I appreciated her intention, attention, and guidance as I navigated difficult situations and sought out new ways to leverage and grow my talents and skills.”

Amanda Romain

VP of Marketing and Partner Management, GeoComm

Corporate Coaching and Consulting

We offer three levels of services:


  • Leadership Development: A powerful program to help individuals hone in on the soft management skills that are both practical and personal and an integral part of business leadership.
  • Business Strategy: Dedicated towards helping women in critical leadership roles define business priorities, set goals for growth, and develop into strong, capable leaders.
  • Executive Coaching: Giving leaders in business another perspective on the job they’re doing, the job they desire, and the determination it takes to do it.
Leadership Development

Where do you lead? At home, at work, in volunteer groups, at church, in school? Or, all of the above plus about 400 more places? Next Monday has developed leadership training and development for leaders, emerging leaders, and those blessed few who already lead and might not even recognize it! In our Leadership Training, clients learn how to manage conflict, communicate effectively, and be a positive source for others around them. We’ll share soft skill management methods, set goals, and change the world in one fell swoop! (yes, you can change the world … why would you think otherwise?)

Leadership is accompanied by trust, and not just the trust others place in you as their leader. You too must trust yourself in any of your leadership missions to be effective and consistent. Next Monday will focus on bolstering your confidence and equipping you to handle anything a powerful leader can face.

We offer Leadership Training services as:

  • New Leader Assimilation: A process dedicated to the specific honor (and challenge!) of acclimating to new leadership roles. Participants receive coaching and leadership training specific to communicating, decision making, relationship building, and establishing trust in leadership – a key component to any successful relationship.
  • Customized Options: Custom facilitation training options are available for anyone seeking support or direction in business or personal life. At Next Monday, we appreciate collaboration. We’d love to understand what you and your organization need, and to work with you to create that customized plan designed for growth and success.
Business Strategy

It can feel lonely at the top. Leading a team or company and doing it well can feel natural when you’re surrounded by the right people. That’s where Next Monday comes in. Are you hesitant when making business decisions? Do you wish you had a cohort to belong to in order to feel like you’re part of something bigger? Do you need an organized system to hold yourself and others accountable? Our business strategy coaching can help with all of this and more.

We are big on action and commitment – two necessary components of business success. Partnering with Next Monday on your business initiatives and growth primes your company for success because we’re about more than consulting. We won’t just highlight what you need to do; we’ll commit to helping you accomplish it.

Executive Coaching

Education prepares you for what? The rest of your life. Or at the very least, your career. Your teachers, instructors, and fellow students helped shape and guide your path from kindergarten to where you are now, regardless of your age. So who is available to help guide and prepare you today? Next Monday offers leadership coaching for you and your career because we know how hard it can be to “work” on yourself when you’re already working so diligently each day.

Sometimes its easy to get focused on the little details and fail to see the big picture. Am I working to my fullest potential? Are my strengths aligned with my tasks? Am I in a place where I am validated, challenged, and heard? Sometimes it takes someone else asking you those very questions to refocus and determine what path you’re on … and whether that path leads to your ultimate destination.

We’ll spend time with and on you to gauge how you perceive yourself, how you present yourself to the world, and ask endless questions. You can learn how to place value where it matters most – on yourself – while pursuing your dreams.

More Options

If Corporate Coaching isn’t the right fit for you, check out Next Monday’s other coaching services.