Corporate Consulting

Advance your organization

I had a beyond words wonderful experience with Becky. Let’s try something like this:
It is hard to describe the transformative executive coaching experience I had with Becky. In less than a year, Becky helped me grow and truly transform personally and professionally in ways I wasn’t expecting and still apply today. I appreciated her intention, attention, and guidance as I navigated difficult situations and sought out new ways to leverage and grow my talents and skills.”

Amanda Romain

VP of Marketing and Partner Management, GeoComm

Corporate Consulting

Customized Solutions to Meet Your People Needs

At Next Monday, we bring decades of experience and expertise to the table, dedicated to helping businesses thrive. Our mission is simple: to collaborate with you in crafting a customized plan tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business.

We combine our expertise, tools and resources, along with our coaching and training programs, to create a comprehensive program specifically tailored to your company. Our approach begins with an in-depth discovery with your organization to identify your leadership and human resource needs. We prioritize understanding your organization and what makes you unique.

By combining our passion for helping others be the best they can be with our deep curiosity about your circumstances, we craft a roadmap towards sustainable improvement. Our initial discovery starts with understanding your business vision, strategy, and culture to ensure alignment between your human capital strategy (people initiatives) and overall business goals.

From there, we will explore your perceived needs, analyze the gaps, and design, develop, and implement a plan that closes the identified gaps and aligns with your business strategy. Let’s work together to unlock your organization’s full potential.

Consulting Services and Expertise

  • Creating and aligning human resources strategy
  • Assessing and/or redesigning organizational structure and maximizing resources for optimal performance
  • Human resources department leadership and design
  • Broad leadership skill development using 360 feedback (CCL Certified), Hogan Assessments (certified in HPI, HDS, and MVPI), leadership journeys (Certified Aperio Guide™), coaching, individual development plans, training,
  • Talent management processes including talent acquisition, performance management, total rewards, and succession planning
  • Public speaking on personal and professional growth
  • Team building including assessment, alignment, process, facilitation, and training delivery
  • Maximizing culture and improving engagement
  • Communication strategy and planning with stakeholder engagement

Find the right team development option for you… 


Our services include team assessments, strategic consulting, workshops, and leadership coaching, fostering trust, innovation, and collective achievement, enhancing team cohesion and productivity within organizations.


Invest in leadership growth with Accelerate for Business, empowering teams to drive change. Develop effective communication, motivation, and inspiration, fostering a positive culture for sustained organizational success.


Next Monday provides full support in establishing and managing internal Women’s Resource Groups. As coaching and mentoring experts, we partner with organizations to foster  women’s professional development, assisting in program design and facilitation.


Journeys comprise year-long engagements, with 3-4 month modules focused on leadership traits. Participants form small groups for accountability and feedback, guided by Certified Aperio Guide™ Becky Estby.