Dani Protivinsky

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Dani Protivinsky

Doctor of Epidemiology, Consultant, Educator, Maker of the Magic

Speaker Bio:

Dani comes to us with a variety of experiences. She is an energetic and passionate leader that is fueled by building high performing teams and people. She has worked in the health field for almost a decade dedicated to areas of health prevention, education, and outreach. Dani is inspiring and believes that success isn’t always about greatness, but rather consistency. When your hard work and daily decisions are consistent, greatness will come. That is the magic!

Session Description:

Consistency in the Messy Middle

Have you ever found yourself in a season of mess? Where things felt hard or unobtainable, even though you are working hard? Here you will get real talk about personal experiences and journeys of my own messy middle and a little pep talk to keep you going. 

This journey paints the picture of overcoming, sacrifice, and determination that speak to daily decisions that can create the magic of change. I hope to provide inspiration to you if you find yourself in the messy middle and share with you my fearless approach to help you build magic.