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Donella Westphal

Owner, Jules’ Bistro

Speaker Bio:

Originally from a small town in the middle of North Dakota, Donella Westphal moved to the “big city” rather unwillingly in 1999 when her husband received a promotion from his employer. A few grocery store panic attacks, two decades and one smartphone with navigation later, she’s happy to call St. Cloud her home and fiercely advocates for a strong and vibrant community, filled with music, art and locally-owned business.

From 2004-2018, she owned Your Creative, a marketing strategy company that worked side-by-side with small business clients to cultivate authentic, creative and memorable messages, experiences and connections. In 2017, she purchased her favorite place in town: Jules’ Bistro, which combines a casually-sophisticated menu with a cozy, artistic atmosphere. She was a regular customer — three to four times a week for over ten years — before she bought the business.

Under her leadership over the past six years, Jules’ Bistro has doubled capacity, quadrupled revenue, creatively expanded into new areas of service (bakery, deli, catering, retail) and given generously to the community through campaigns like Lift Up the Ladies, Operation Baby New Year Diaper Drive, Kindness Cake and more.

Donella’s life mantra is “Why be ordinary when you can be original?” She is married to Brian – her best friend, business partner and landlord…which makes for some interesting dinnertime conversations, especially when he starts talking about raising her rent. She is mother to Caden (3.17.2003), Noah (20) and Wilson (12).