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Dr. Julie Johnson

Physician, Simplicity Health

Speaker Bio:

Growing up in a small town in ND, dreaming big wasn’t something that you did and going to NDSU in Fargo to be a pharmacist was a leap of faith.   Her dreams were limited, but God had other plans for her.  In her final year of college, she was prompted to apply to medical school.  With trepidation and a bit of fear, she listened to her heart.  30+ years later, she has had the privilege of partnering with patients through all the stages and journeys of life.  She finds that her most effective tool is to hear her patients as often the answer lies within their story.

Leadership was not a goal or ambition, but again, God had other plans.  Julie has grown (with a lot of bumps along the road) into a leader with opportunities that range from being the first family physician to deliver babies at Wm Beaumont Hospital in MI to Medical Staff President of a small rural hospital to a Regional Medical Director in a large organization.  Stepping away from her leadership role in 2019 allowed her to return fully to being a physician and fell in love once again with what she was called to do.  One of the hardest and best things that happened to her along the road was being told that she wasn’t a good leader.  However, she also was blessed to have an organization that believed in her ability and was willing to invest in a leadership coach.  She didn’t know what she didn’t know.  By being willing to be vulnerable and open to guidance, her confidence continues to be cultivated. 

Outside of her profession, she loves being a wife (Jeff) and mom to her daughter and son-in-law (Hallie and Dylan) and her daughter (Elizabeth- who just turned 16).  She now finds her days as an Uber driver for her daughters over and is trying to figure out what to do with her free time.  Perhaps she will channel her inner Nora Roberts and write a book.