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Dr. Emily Steil

General Dentist, Granite City Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and St. Cloud VA Dental Clinic

Speaker Bio:

Emily Steil grew up in St. Augusta, MN and found her way back home five years ago after nearly a decade of undergraduate and professional education around the Midwest.  Emily enjoys practicing comprehensive dentistry for patients of all ages and backgrounds.  She prioritizes patient comfort and trust while taking a conservative approach to each of her patient’s unique treatment needs.

Emily’s passion for mentoring began over 10 years ago when she first became a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program.   She appreciates the incredible impact her mentors have had on her life and accomplishments, and has chosen to be a friend and guiding light for numerous young ladies in her community through the BBBS program.  

Emily’s life, like so many others, has been centered on setting goals and accomplishing them.  But what happens when you fail to accomplish a particular goal? Or worse, what happens when you realize your goals have limited your success and happiness in life?  Emily’s faith in God helped her rewrite the roadmap for her life – from being goal driven, to being purpose driven – she realized HOW you get there is more important than WHEN you get there.  Emily hopes to be a mentor to other women struggling with similar self-created limitations and help them redefine their roadmap to success and happiness.