Executive Peer Group

Listen. Learn. Support.

“EPG is a deeply intimate group where people feel comfortable sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everyone checks their egos and titles at the door and each person is seen for the individual they are and what experiences they bring to the group.

We talk about the hard stuff, celebrate accomplishments big and small, and share tears of both joy and sadness. I can’t help but wonder where I’d be without my EPG. That may seem dramatic, but it’s the truth.”

Jill Kampa,
VP of Sales & Marketing, Soft Drinks,

“It’s lonely at the top” was truer than I thought before joining an Executive Peer Group. Being able to share problems and opportunities in our small, trusteed group of women business owners and leaders has been invaluable. I’ve been with this group for a decade for a reason. These intelligent women come from diverse backgrounds, offering a wealth of advice, shared experiences, and encouragement. They’ve not only been a professional support but also lifelong friends. EPG is my tribe.”

Cathy Julifs,
CEO & President
AIS Planning

A Community Where Ambitious Women Thrive

A trusted, confidential place to go, where you’re surrounded by professional women who understand. Women who push you beyond the status quo and help you tackle business challenges and personal struggles. A place where you can exchange strategic advice and emotional support.
Executive Peer Groups are just that – a place where professional women find support and success.
Executive Peer Groups are designed for accomplished female professionals who are seeking a trusted circle of peers to enhance their growth. Within a group, women from diverse fields come together to engage in insightful discussions, share invaluable industry knowledge, and foster meaningful connections. Our Executive Peer Groups provide a confidential space where members can discuss high-level business strategies, navigate complex leadership challenges, and receive constructive feedback from like-minded women who understand the nuances of leadership roles. Together, we aim to inspire, empower, and uplift one another, fostering a community where women can thrive both professionally and personally.

How it works: 

A Next Monday EPG is comprised of 12 high-performing, female executives, self-employed business owners, or entrepreneurs* representing non-competing industries. The group meets once monthly for four hours. Each woman has unique talents and perspectives, yet all are like-minded in searching for authentic connections and success.

Executive Peer Groups include:

  • Professional Meeting Facilitation Monthly 
  • Annual 90 Minute Member Emphasis Time
  • Quarterly One-on-One Executive Coaching
  • Quarterly 30 Minute Member Accountability Updates
  • Powerful Lifetime Connections
  • Networking Opportunities

*Each EPG group reserves up to two memberships for ‘up and comers’. These are members who are moving toward an executive, self-employment and/or partner status within their organization.

Join an Executive Peer Group and embrace a community that not only sees you and understands you but empowers you.

In the complex landscape of executive leadership, females often face unique challenges—navigating gender biases, balancing work-life demands, and seeking genuine support. Our Executive Peer Groups offer a transformative solution. By uniting accomplished women in a confidential, empowering space, we provide a platform to address these challenges head-on. Together, we foster growth, offer insights, and provide unwavering support, allowing female leaders to thrive both personally and professionally.

Foster excellence by empowering employees through Executive Peer Groups.

Enrolling your employee in an Executive Peer Group enhances organizational success by fostering diverse leadership skills, boosting employee satisfaction and retention, facilitating strategic networking, promoting innovative problem-solving, and contributing to a positive and inclusive culture.

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