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Fiona Lee

Student at Southeastern University

Speaker Bio:

Fiona Lee is a Senior at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida studying Ministerial Leadership and minoring in Business. While attending college, she began leading high school girls in youth ministry, and found a passion  connecting with young people right where they are in life. This led her to intern in both youth and young adult ministries, discovering that you can leave an impact on people’s lives at every age of your life. Being the oldest of five, Fiona always felt her siblings looking up to her, but it wasn’t until she started having conversations with her younger brother about his post-grad plan that she began to take into account the role she played in the lives of those around her. She realized that there are individual leadership roles we all carry, no matter where we are in life. Although Fiona is only 22, whether it’s amongst her siblings, at an organization, or with friends, she is learning that there will always be an opportunity for leadership, right where she’s at.