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Heidi Uphus

Director of Client Success, Marco Technologies

Speaker Bio:

Heid Uphus is an inspirational leader who believes leadership is about inspiring people to believe in themselves, believe in their gifts, believe in their potential, and to believe in something much greater than their own self-preservation. As an innovative leader & customer-focused professional, she utilizes her extensive technical and sales background to strategically influence business decisions that will deliver optimal outcomes and experiences.

Heidi is most well-known for loud outbursts of laughter and having fun while getting shit done. Her down-to-earth humor compels her teammates to laugh while they learn.

21 years into her career, Heidi landed her dream job as a Director of Client Success. After being hired as an IT Manager right out of college, promoted to a CIO in her mid-20s and taking a 3-year trip to Nashville, TN in her early-30s, Heidi was called back to Minnesota where she got to take her energy and passion to the next level with Marco Technologies.

Overcoming alcohol addiction was a milestone not often talked about yet a driving factor behind Heidi’s success in life. She had to learn to fight for herself; to believe in herself and to ask for help along her journey. She inspires people to go after what they want in all aspects of life and to enjoy every minute of every day because today is all we have.