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Jennifer Johnson

Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations, Capmation, Inc.

Speaker Bio:

Jennifer Johnson is professional Miracle Grow® for organizations. Her unique combination of operational and financial expertise helped her former employer strategically transform from a $30 million to a $400 million technology provider. As Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Integration at Marco, Jennifer facilitated 50+ acquisitions on both the buy side and the sell side. 

In her current role as Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations at Capmation, Inc., she provides strategies for expansion and growth and develops opportunities and processes that create deeper client relationships. 

She’s an advocate for building a strong and transparent company culture that empowers employees and delivers best in class client experiences. She’s also passionate about mentoring women and has channeled that enthusiasm through starting a women’s mentorship group and volunteerism that helps cultivate and support emerging leaders. Jennifer encourages others to challenge themselves and lean into experiences that allow them to make a difference. 

Jennifer was named one of Central’s Minnesota’s “5 under 40”, a Top Women in Finance, and CFO of the Year (Medium Private Company). Of all her successes, Jennifer is most proud of her ability to balance a successful career with being a wife, mom, and daughter.