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Jessica Soldner

Owner & Principal Designer, Discrete Designs

Speaker Bio:

Jessica Soldner grew up on a hobby farm in Cold Spring. She spent her days in the fields with her horses, dogs and cats sketching and daydreaming. After moving around a bit she has landed back in Cold Spring and now lives in a historic home in the city with the love of her life and 3 of their 4 amazing children.

Jessica is the owner and principal designer of Discrete Designs. She is passionate about individuals and their living environment. Her interior designs give people a new perspective and room to grow. She lives her life intentionally, leading her children, design team, and construction crews with grace. She believes that the best investment we can make is in ourselves and that the joy of life is in connecting with others.

She is forward thinking, constantly inquisitive and knows that you have to understand the rules in order to know when to break them.

Because there are multiple good solutions to any challenge and because she has seen how collaboration and an open mind can give birth to beautifully unexpected results she approaches each new challenge with complete optimism. In her free time you can still find her sketching and daydreaming, traveling, learning something new, or spending time with her family.