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Judy Whitlock

Retired Healthcare Professional

Speaker Bio:

Judy Whitlock is an active and proud mature woman who has spent her life committed to developing relationships with those in her sphere of influence. Whether that was during her professional life as a Registered Nurse, Nurse Recruiter and Director of Labor Relations for Minnesota Children’s Hospital, or in her role as wife, mother, grand-mother or great-grandmother in her retirement years, her life’s purpose confirms her commitment to people-connections from the heart. 

Judy describes herself as an empath and deeply connects to people. Through her leadership, she has shown her family and friends how to persevere through the quagmire of many political and social opinions to maintain solid relationships grounded in love.  

Judy has agreed to be personally vulnerable with all the women who attend this year’s Summit, sharing life experiences of both despair and joy. Her story is one of sorrow, difficult decisions, pushing through adversity, and coming out the other side as a strong woman-of-faith with uplifting experiences—all while deeply feeling many life-changing challenges.