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Kathy Presperin

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Blattner Company

Speaker Bio:

Kathy Presperin is shining a light on the future of women in renewable energy and construction. As chief supply chain officer for Blattner Company, a nationwide renewable energy contractor based in Avon, Minnesota, Kathy exemplifies the positive energy of women in leadership roles.

Early in her career, Kathy spent most of her time in supply chain roles across multiple industries. She started as an electronics component buyer and developed a passion for architecting and implementing strong, successful teams. She went on to lead global project teams, transform end-to-end global supply chain processes and manage the successful deployment of strategic initiatives worldwide.

Kathy began working at Blattner in 2020 and launched the Supply Chain Department. She brings an essential female perspective to the expanding leadership team and uses the opportunity to be a mentor and role model.

In 2021, Kathy helped launch the Women’s Employee Resource Group at Blattner to promote diversity across the workforce at all levels. The group’s goal is to accelerate the growth and development of women in the organization.

In May, the American Clean Power Association presented Kathy with a Breakout Woman+ of the Year award at its CLEANPOWER 2022 event in San Antonio. The award recognizes individuals committed to creating programs and cultures that support diversity and inclusion.

Kathy’s powerful impact on Blattner and the industry demonstrates women have a voice, and it’s growing. Through her influence, the future of women in construction and renewable energy is brighter than ever.