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Kristen Knox

CEO, Microbiologics

Speaker Bio:

Kristen Knox, CEO at Microbiologics, joined the company in 2023. Inspired and motivated by making a positive impact on human lives, Kristen has centered her career on the healthcare industry. She brings that passion to building and maintaining a purpose-driven company culture. Her early work experience includes marketing roles at Mayo Clinic, Ottobock Healthcare and Coloplast. She went on to a life-sciences tools company, Data Sciences International, serving in various leadership roles before being appointed CEO. Following a successful exit for the DSI shareholders, Kristen moved on to serve as Senior Vice President and General Manager of ACIST Medical Systems, a cardiovascular diagnostic solutions provider.

Kristen earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of St. Thomas and a MBA from Cardinal Stritch University. Committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, Kristen founded EDGE, a forum that supports women in their leadership journey.

Outside of work, Kristen loves exploring the world with her husband and two sons. Kristen’s favorite place to visit is their lake cabin in Northern Minnesota. She enjoys all things fitness, especially strength training and Yoga. Kristen also reads, or listens to, over 100 books each year.

Her personal mantra is to “Be Kind. Work Hard. Have Fun!”