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Kristen Miller

CHRO, Blattner Company

Speaker Bio:

As the Chief Human Resources Officer for Blattner Company, Kristen Miller is known as a talented collaborator and connector. She has a way of listening to all sides of a situation and synthesizing solutions — bringing harmony to even the most opposing parties. Throughout her career, she’s been acclaimed, especially in the mergers and acquisitions arena, for bringing groups together who were never together before. 

Being raised in a small community in central Minnesota gave her the gift of deep roots and global vision. Determined to make a positive impact on the world, she rose early in her career to face new challenges with tenacity. She obtained her master’s degree as a single parent and traveled the world through her work with Minnesota-based companies Honeywell, Pentair, BioTechne and now Blattner — blazing a trail for others to witness what Central Minnesotans are made of. 

The Women of Influence Summit theme, Lead Where You Are, resonates with Kristen as she spent a large amount of her career being mindful around creating space for women leaders within the organizations where she was a leader. She works every day to change what people believe leadership looks like and provide a space where women feel empowered to step into the spotlight.