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For the first time, I see out of any kind of training process, a process which forces real execution and action.

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Leadership Journey

What Makes You Worth* Following?

Journeys are year-long engagements broken down into 3 to 4 month modules where participants go in depth on a single aspect of The Who* of Leadership. 

Each participant is placed into a small group of 3-4 leaders. Small groups are designed to provide accountability and feedback throughout the Journey.

Along with other small groups, each group is paired with Becky Estby, a Certified Aperio Guide™ whose research, experience, and lessons learned from previous Journeyers provide support for the group. Becky will help your small group create, execute, and reflect upon an action plan for each module.

Each module begins with a kickoff session to explain the concepts and prep for the quarter. And modules end with a wrap-up to help participants reflect and apply all that they have learned. But . . . as in any Journey . . . it’s about the adventure not the destination.

What happens in between meetings is where the Journey really happens. 

Through your small group action plan, you’ll leverage your day-to-day experiences to cultivate an extensive understanding of the quarterly focus. Discipline and consistency will establish the concept deeply into how you engage with the world around you and how you perceive yourself within it. You will look “beneath the surface” to uncover the motives that drive your leadership actions. 

For more info visit: TheAperio.com/Journeys

Partnering for Success

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