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Leah Johnson

Owner, MN Nice Home Buyers

Speaker Bio:

Leah Johnson is the owner of MN Nice Home Buyers. She started her career in telecommunications and from there moved into business to business IT services. Leah was a project manager for years specializing in enterprise deployments, eventually moving into management. In 2018 she left the corporate life behind. Now Leah works with her husband buying residential real estate and fixing up houses to resell. The company they run has handled more than 100 transactions since 2016. You might recognize MN Nice Home Buyers from their advertising campaigns on radio, television, and online.

Like a lot of women, Leah has struggled with anxiety and symptoms like panic attacks, uneasiness, and excessive worrying. It took her a long time to seek treatment for fear of being criticized or judged by others. For years she hid her mental health struggles, believing it would hurt her career to show vulnerability in a male-dominated industry. She is now comfortable speaking about her experiences and hopes to inspire other women who are suffering in silence.

Today Leah is stable and healthy. She has four children between the ages of ten and three and considers motherhood to be the best thing that’s ever happened to her.