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Mattie Murrey Tegels

Speech Pathologist, Public Speaker, Ghost Writer

Speaker Bio:

Mattie Murrey is an accomplished public speaker, several times published author and ghostwriter, and professor, dedicated to empowering individuals and igniting their leadership potential. With a passion for making a lasting difference in the lives of others, Mattie has transformed countless individuals facing unexpected changes or struggling to find their path.

With experience as a skilled life coach, Mattie has guided clients through life’s challenges, helping them regain focus, tap into their inner strength, and navigate transitions with resilience. Her ability to listen deeply, her unique insights, and her empathetic approach have earned her a reputation for facilitating profound personal transformations.

Mattie’s expertise and commitment to empowering others have been recognized through various media outlets. She was interviewed for an Oscar-qualified documentary on dementia, where she provided valuable perspectives on caregiving and the impact of the disease on families. Additionally, she has been featured in an interview by an Emmy-nominated journalist, shedding light on her personal journey through motorcycle riding, church trauma, and the profound loss of her first husband. These experiences have shaped Mattie’s deep understanding of resilience, healing, and personal growth.

Mattie’s authentic and captivating speaking style captivates audiences.  Drawing from her diverse background and professional journey, Mattie inspires and equips individuals to embrace their inherent leadership abilities, overcome obstacles, and reach their full potential.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Mattie is a successful author with two published books and more on the way. Her works offer valuable insights, practical guidance, and inspiring stories, touching the lives of readers seeking personal growth and transformation.

Currently transitioning from a career in speech pathology and academia, Mattie is fully dedicated to her passion for speaking, coaching, and writing. She aspires to become a recognized figure in these realms, sharing her expertise, wisdom, and empowering messages with a broader audience.

On a personal note, Mattie is a devoted mother of five children, and she has led them through the tragic loss of their father. In her downtime, she embraces her adventurous spirit, finding joy in exploring new destinations, creating cherished memories with family and friends, and experimenting with new recipes that bring people together.