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Gail Stanger

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Meet Gail Stanger

Next Monday Certified Speaker, Coach and Facilitator

Owner, Stanger Strategies

Gail Stanger is a seasoned executive leader with an impressive 25-year track record of success. Throughout her career, Gail has consistently demonstrated her exceptional ability to lead, coach and drive change in the dynamic world of operations and technology. Her unwavering focus on enhancing customer experiences has made her a respected authority in the areas of service, systems integrations and performance improvement. In roles such as vice president of client services, senior operations manager and manager of customer service and training, Gail has led teams and companies through soaring successes, economic downturns and acquisitions and mergers, all while maintaining a resilient commitment to people, process and performance.

Gail possesses a unique talent for aligning individual strengths with specific roles. She has been instrumental in establishing accountability and effective performance controls that are critical to achieving high standards and sustaining positive culture. Her proficiency in these domains, coupled with her open and forthright communication style, as well as her fearless support of others, has consistently yielded transformative outcomes within the organizations she has served.

Gail’s reputation as an influencer of enterprise change is well-earned. Her visionary approach to leadership and her dedication to continuous improvement have made her a driving force in the corporate world, and she continues to inspire and guide others on their journey to success. Her commitment to pushing boundaries of what is possible continues to inspire those around her.

Coaching Experience:

Throughout my career, I was drawn to decision making roles that allowed me to have a direct impact on outcomes and more importantly, the opportunity to bring others along on the journey to improvement. I’m fortunate to have had mentors throughout my career – women and men – who identified my skills and relentlessly cheered for me. Through my desire to pay this forward and my genuine love for people, I have honed my skills to meet individuals where they are and help them pave roads to fulfill their goals and dreams. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing a leader’s confidence grow.

“Real World” Experience:

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to lead numerous teams across diverse industries and organizations. These experiences have taught me that the most effective approach to understanding a business and its people is to cultivate connections with every individual I encounter, regardless of their position – whether it be the CEO or the receptionist. Each person’s unique perspective contributes to my learning, providing valuable insights into the organization’s customer experience and the nature of our business relationships. By implementing standardized processes and practices and fostering accountability among individuals and teams, I’ve witnessed improved employee and customer retention, as well as a positive impact on organizations’ financial results.

A Few Fun Things About Me: 

Favorite Word – FUN! After all, life is too short to get stuck in a rut and not enjoy the people and beauty around us. I make a concerted effort to surround myself with people who know how to work hard, have fun and celebrate with each other.

Favorite Food – Seafood. Is there any other food?

Favorite Free Time Activities – Without hesitation, my favorite times are spent with family and friends at our lake home. My husband, Jay, and I fulfilled a lifelong dream when we purchased a cabin in 2014 and then completed renovations to create more space in 2023. We love to spend time there with our daughter Andrea, son Djay and daughter-in-law Annie, along with my favorite four little people, Addie, Marilla, Jay and Tana. I also love hosting extended family members and friends who we welcome as often as possible. I am a “more the merrier” kind of person, and my cup overflows with loving chaos. I also enjoy walking, hot yoga, reading a good action book, biking and sunshine on my face, reminding me of nature’s beauty. 

Advice to my 22-year-old self – “Don’t let anyone steal your dreams, and don’t let negative self-talk convince you that you are not enough. Because you are all that and more!”

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