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Sarah Noble

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Meet Sarah Noble

Certified Next Monday Speaker and Facilitator

Sarah is an influential advocate and leader dedicated to empowering women to reach their full potential and overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives.

Sarah leverages her knowledge and experiences to create meaningful impact in the lives of women as a gifted communicator making dynamic and complicated concepts clear and relatable. Her messages equip women with the tools, skills, and confidence necessary to excel and thrive.

As a seasoned speaker, Sarah delivers captivating and thought-provoking talks that resonate with diverse audiences. Her authentic storytelling, combined with a deep sense of empathy, allows her to connect with individuals on a profound level, making her messages not only inspirational but actionable.

With her warm and engaging presence, she has graced numerous stages, from large conferences to corporate boardrooms, delivering keynotes and workshops that leave a lasting impression. Through her talks, she addresses topics such as: perfectionism, resilience, confidence, boundaries, grief and more, offering actionable strategies and practical advice that empower women to embrace their strengths, and navigate life’s challenges.

Sarah is a mother to three amazing teenagers, enjoys volunteering in her community, and traveling abroad. She enjoys vacuuming, dislikes the sound of an early morning alarm clock, and has recently taken up the hobby of bird watching! Like her audiences, she is dynamic, inspiring, and multifacited!

When Sarah takes the stage, prepare to be captivated by her passion, enlightened by her wisdom, and motivated to take action!

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