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Michelle Pape, founder and coach

Michelle Pape speaking on stage at summit

Michelle is a high energy, creative individual who brings great wisdom and business acumen to her teachings. Michelle provided an outstanding team training to my 8-person team that will not be forgotten by anyone in attendance. She managed not only to refresh and reinforce our work as a team, but also to honor each personal individually in a way that will stay with each one of us beyond this particular work experience. If you are looking for a top-notch trainer who will challenge your team, Michelle is fabulous!

Michelle Redding

Development Director, CentraCare Foundation

Meet Michelle Pape

Next Monday is an executive coaching company – focused on personal and professional growth – born out of need. 

15 years ago, as I reflected on my own journey, traversed new and difficult situations, faced challenges, accepted risks, and rose through the ranks, I noted how beneficial it would have been for me to have someone along for the ride – or maybe even taking the wheel a time or two. Someone who could offer support and guidance, someone who was unwavering in the face of uncertainty. I acted on my realization that a consultant, coach, and facilitator could prove valuable for women seeking that same fortification. 

And so, Next Monday emerged.

The world can seem like a lonely place where people feel forgotten, undervalued, and lack self-worth and human connection. Internal voices can be mean. My goal, Next Monday’s goal, is to create a safe, trusting place where people feel valued and uplifted for being the unique person that God created them to be. I want everyone to know that they belong, that they are enough, that they are perfectly imperfect, similar yet different, and that women can be in community together building each other up.

Coaching Experience:

I have been coaching leaders ‘officially’ for 15 years as of May 2020 after training as a coach through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). But before becoming a professional coach, I led corporate teams for 30 years and loved “coaching” my direct reports.

“Real World” Experience:

Before founding Next Monday, I was an Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a $140 MM, 400 employee, manufacturing and distribution company with seven locations across the county.  There I led a high performing national sales and marketing team and helped build a ‘Top 10’ retail brand. 

A Few Fun Things About Me: 

Favorite Word: Love

Favorite Foods: Popcorn. I call it my favorite “food group.”

Favorite Free Time Activities: Boating with my family and friends. Going to movies, holding my husband’s hand, and snacking on popcorn! Spending time with my teenage son and his friends. I love making them breakfast, creating meaningful conversations, and encouraging them.

Best part of my job: I enjoy facilitating and creating a trusting and supportive community for women. I often challenge these ladies to be their best by listening to what they’re not saying and seeing them as the incredible women they already are. 

Advice For My 22-Year-Old Self: Go for it!

Coaching Options

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