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Michelle Pape

Next-Monday Coach Michelle Pape

Michelle is a high energy, creative individual who brings great wisdom and business acumen to her teachings. Michelle provided an outstanding team training to my 8-person team that will not be forgotten by anyone in attendance. She managed not only to refresh and reinforce our work as a team, but also to honor each person individually in a way that will stay with each one of us beyond this particular work experience. If you are looking for a top-notch trainer who will challenge your team, Michelle is fabulous!

Michelle Redding

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Meet Michelle Pape

Founder and Connector

Next Monday is an executive coaching company – focused on personal and professional growth – born out of need. 

Thirty years ago, as I reflected on my own journey, traversed new and difficult situations, faced challenges, accepted risks, and rose through the ranks, I noted how beneficial it would have been to have someone along for the ride—or even take the wheel a time or two. I could’ve benefited from someone to provide support and guidance, someone who was unwavering in the face of uncertainty. I acted on my realization that a consultant, coach, and facilitator could prove valuable for women seeking that same fortification. 

And so, Next Monday emerged.

The world can seem like a lonely place where people feel forgotten, undervalued, and lack self-worth and human connection. Internal voices can be mean. My goal—Next Monday’s goal—is to create a safe, trusting place where people feel valued and uplifted for being the unique person that God created them to be. I want each person to know that they belong, that they are enough, that they are perfectly imperfect, similar yet different, and that women can be in community together building up one another.

Coaching Experience:

When I say I loved coaching my direct reports.  I mean I love everything about my interactions with others.  I discovered the Greek word for love, “To serve and care for others that is selfless, consistent, and unconditional.  This says it all for me.  I work tirelessly to become this person, this leader…

“Real World” Experience:

Building a brand was a very cool thing. I still find joy as I continue to see that brand in grocery stores across the country today.  And you know the coolest thing about this story? To this day, 30 years later, each team member I led 30 years ago continues to be a part of my life. My husband often ‘warns’ people, “Once you meet Michelle, you will likely never be without her.”

A Few Fun Things About Me: 

Favorite Word: Yes, it’s love or perhaps I should use the word Agapone. The world that I live in, well some might say and have said that I wear rose colored glasses. This is true when it comes to people and the possibilities for everyone and every situation. I  like my view a lot!

Favorite Foods: Every single night I have a small bag of popcorn. It’s a ritual for me. Routinely, at 9 p.m., I grab the bag, open it up and proceed to take one piece at a time and I slowly nibble the edges of each piece enjoying everything about the experience. Life is all about the little things for me! Love me some popcorn. Please don’t judge?!

Favorite Free Time Activities: Being present with my thoughts, time with my husband walking arm-in-arm, working out, deep conversations with friends and loving on my son.

Best part of my job: Doing everything in my power during my last two-and-a-half years with Next Monday to build a world with fewer regrets—one person, one conversation, at a time.

Advice For My 22-Year-Old Self: Go for it!

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