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Sarah Noble

Associate Advisor/Operations Coordinator, AIS Planning

Speaker Bio:

Sarah’s career in finance is driven by her passion for promoting financial wellness and education for all. As an expert in financial planning and coaching within the AIS Planning retirement plan services division, she thrives on assisting business owners in providing valuable retirement plan benefits to their teams. Sarah recently obtained the PPC® (Professional Plan Consultant) designation, equipping her with specialized skills in retirement planning and consulting. Sarah believes that gaining financial empowerment leads to increased choices, enabling individuals to attain both independence and freedom.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sarah finds joy in public speaking with messages that equip women with the tools, skills, and confidence necessary to excel and thrive. Drawing from her personal journey of self-acceptance and growth, she shares impactful wisdom and inspires positive change. She addresses topics such as: perfectionism, resilience, confidence, boundaries, grief and more, offering actionable strategies and practical advice that empower women to embrace their strengths, and navigate life’s challenges.

With her warm and engaging presence, she has graced numerous stages, from large conferences to corporate boardrooms, delivering keynotes and workshops that leave a lasting impression.

In her free time, Sarah indulges in her favorite activities -not limited to- raising three teenagers, traveling to new destinations, giving strangers complements, reading the latest self-help books, and embracing the convenience of quality dry shampoo.

A mantra that resonates deeply with her is “be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”