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Tammie Downare

Owner, State Farm Agency
Owner, Ukiyo, a Vibrational Sound Therapy Company
Co-Owner, Rollga

Speaker Bio:

She is working on being an expert in loving God, her family, and others.  Professionally she has a reputation for working in the Financial and insurance Industry, but she finds the subject matter boring and looks for ways to make it meaningful to others. 

Tammie has been in this industry for almost 30 years and has earned some ugly plaques but most appreciative of the experiences and people she has had the privilege to work and grow with.  She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 38 years and has 4 outstanding children and would say of all the achievements these are her greatest. 

She has never been comfortable sharing or being vulnerable and spent most of her young and adult years trying to hide the details of her life that made her who she is today.  For Tammie, adversity has been her constant companion and continues to form the constant bond and reliance upon her number one fan, father, and savior, Jesus.