Corporate Womens Groups  

Empowerment. Support.

Your Partner in Women’s Leadership Development

As experts in coaching and mentoring, Next Monday is dedicated to partnering with organizations to foster a safe and nurturing environment for the professional growth of women. Our extensive experience in leading women’s groups, events, and coaching has equipped us with the insights needed to guide the members of your Women’s Resource Group on a journey of empowerment and success.

Next Monday, a seasoned organization specializing in women’s group leadership, offers comprehensive support to corporate women’s groups. Our expertise lies in creating safe environments for women’s growth through various methods, such as events, coaching, mentoring, and leadership development. We emphasize building trust, fostering vulnerability, and facilitating personal and professional growth among group members.

Specifically, Next Monday can guide your internal committee responsible for launching a women’s group. This includes setting a framework, defining roles, outlining the committee’s mission, and providing tangible tools for effective leadership. We also assist in facilitating a kick-off session for program launch.

We extend our services to the design, development, and facilitation of a women’s mentoring program. This involves structuring the mentoring program, offering a train-the-trainer session for mentors/facilitators, and supporting overall program implementation.

Moreover, Next Monday collaborates with organizations to develop and facilitate content for women’s group development opportunities. This includes quarterly in-person/virtual sessions with female speakers covering diverse topics, such as claiming one’s voice, personal and professional success, self-awareness, and leadership skills. Each session incorporates reflection activities for participants to apply their learnings, and key takeaways in the form of tips, tools, or resources are provided at the end of each presentation.

    Programming Topics May Include: 

    • Claiming your voice
    • Being your best you. Whatever that may look like for you. Success looks different for everyone.
    • Taking ownership over your own growth and development
    • Setting boundaries for success
    • Leading with empathy
    • Self-awareness
    • Developing business acumen
    • Building your confidence
    • Growing your influence; building relationships
    • Growing your career
    • Personal development
    • Balance and burnout
    • The Who of leadership
    • Having a seat at the table
    • Emotions and leadership
    • And more…

    At Next Monday, we’re not just leaders in coaching and mentoring; we’re your partners in creating a community of empowered women. Let’s embark on a journey of growth, learning, and success together.

    Find the right team development option for you… 


    Our services include team assessments, strategic consulting, workshops, and leadership coaching, fostering trust, innovation, and collective achievement, enhancing team cohesion and productivity within organizations.


    Invest in leadership growth with Accelerate for Business, empowering teams to drive change. Develop effective communication, motivation, and inspiration, fostering a positive culture for sustained organizational success.


    Next Monday provides full support in establishing and managing internal Women’s Resource Groups. As coaching and mentoring experts, we partner with organizations to foster  women’s professional development, assisting in program design and facilitation.


    Journeys comprise year-long engagements, with 3-4 month modules focused on leadership traits. Participants form small groups for accountability and feedback, guided by Certified Aperio Guide™ Becky Estby.