Women of Influence Summit

Friday, September 16, 2022

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Bringing Women Together to Unleash their Personal and Collective Influence

Join us for a one-day summit packed with inspiration, stories, connecting and real world practical tools for women. Come prepared to grow and leave with tools to expand your influence, follow your dreams and become all you are designed to be.

Date: Friday, September 16, 2022 
Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm + Celebration beginning at 4:00pm
Location: The Waters Church, 1227 Pine Cone Road North, Sartell, MN 56377

We tell ourselves stories every day– of success or failure, of strength or weakness, stories that endure for an hour, a year, or an entire lifetime. We have stories about our work, our families, our relationships, about what we want, what we deserve, and what we’re capable of achieving. 

The stories we hear, the stories we share, and the stories we hide; have a profound effect on how we see ourselves and others. They have the power to motivate, inspire, connect, to heal, and in the same instant, they have the ability to hurt and hold us back.

The problem? Too few of us even recognize that we’re telling stories, what they are, or that we can change them — and, in turn, transform our very lives.

Join us at the 2022 Women of Influence Summit on Friday, September 16th, to explore the impact stories have had in the lives of local women just like you. Together, we’ll uncover the narratives that control our hearts and discover the power we have to author our own story.

2022 Schedule


7:00am – 8:00am

Morning Sessions

8:00am – 11:00am

Lunch & Panel

11:30am -1:00pm

Afternoon Sessions

1:00pm – 4:00pm


4:00pm – 5:00pm

2022 General Sessions Speakers

Lorraine Griffin Johnson

Lorraine Griffin Johnson

LGJ & Associates and Griffin Enterprises

Interrupting to Stand Tall

Melissa Kelley

Melissa Kelley

J.F. Kruse Jewelers

Dear 14 Year-Old You

Becki Wilken

Becki Wilken

LexisNexis Risk Solutions

The Things We Tell Ourselves

2022 Leadership Panelists

Bernie Perryman

Bernie Perryman

Batteries Plus

Donna Scholar

Donna Scholar


Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Capmation, Inc.

Kathy Presperin

Kathy Presperin

Blattner Companies

Video Speakers

Leah Johnson

Leah Johnson

MN Nice Home Buyers

Heidi Uphus

Heidi Uphus


Dr. Emily Steil

Dr. Emily Steil

Granite City Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and St. Cloud VA Dental Clinic

Yodee Rivera

Yodee Rivera


Sara Thompson

Star Stylist Stella & Dot

When I first heard about the Women of Influence Summit I was intrigued by hesitant to attend because I would be going alone and feared I would be too self-conscious about not knowing anyone that I wouldn’t get much out of the experience. I did attend the Summit alone but I didn’t feel alone.

Karin Pauly

Owner, Bluestone Marketing and Bluestone Grill

The Women of Influence Summit is truly a life-changing event. I was awestruck by the power, vision and achievements of the speakers and attendees. I left inspired and confident I can achieve my dreams and do what I love.

Melissa Kelley

Owner/President of J.F. Kruse Jewelers

My experience at the 2016 Women of Influence Summit was truly exceptional, and unlike anything I have ever experienced at an event. The word “special” seems too simple to describe the day, but that’s what it was. There was an energy in the room all day that lifted my spirit and inspired me in every way. 

Lynn-Briggette Boerger

President, Colorful Concepts Painting

I am so glad I chose to attend the Women of Influence Summit! I found it to be influential, motivational, and exactly what I needed to inspire myself to take things to the next level. The breakout sessions were empowering and a great way to meet and hear other women’s stories. 

Sonja Gidlow

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communication, Greater St. Cloud Development Agency

In this age of 24/7 information, it is rare to have time for personal growth and contemplation. The Women of Influence Summit provided me the physical, intellectual and emotional space to reconnect with my desire to live intentionally. I was challenged, inspired and motivated by the speakers and women around me. 

2022 Summit Partners

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