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Yodee Rivera

Store Director, Coborn’s Marketplace

Speaker Bio:

Yodee Rivera is the Store Director of the Coborn’s Marketplace in Glencoe, Minnesota. She started with Coborn’s as a part-time cashier in 2012. She took on the Video Department Manager role after deciding that she would not be able to pursue her dream of attending college in Duluth. As luck would have it, Yodee would be given the opportunity to obtain a Retail Management Certificate at ATCC through a program offered by Coborn’s. She used that education and her love to help others, to further her career by taking on roles such as Guest Services Manager and Assistant Store Director. 

Throughout all her life, Yodee had to choose between following her dreams and taking care of her younger siblings. No matter how hard life got, she continued to push forward for her family’s well-being. With each sacrifice, she wondered when the time would come where she could live life for herself. When that moment finally came, it was lonely and empty. It wasn’t until she purchased a home for her family that she realized how important the bond with her siblings truly was. She now gets to watch them prosper and know that she helped to shape each ones’ future in a positive way. She currently enjoys caring for her youngest sister, coaching soccer with her brother, and spending time with her middle sister and niece.